Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Alice in Partyland

What's more girlie-girl than an Alice in Wonderland-inspired birthday party? Young or old, this magical world entices all to put on their prettiest party dress.

Recently, a friend's daughter expressed her wish for an Alice-themed soiree, and though she, in true three-going-on-fourteen style, has switched to a ballet-theme, I thought I'd share some ideas I whipped up for her with you.

Madhatters, delight!

Required Attire: Invite the girls to wear their prettiest party dress; have boys wear funky hats and you can even have white bunny ears.

Be On Time: Plastic, giant clocks double as a fabulous invitation (or table decor). Set the clock to the arrival time, and include a note: that says "Don't be late for this very important date!" This one is technically the Tinman's heart (from the Wizard of Oz) but would totally pass for the white rabbit's timepiece.

Tea Cup Centerpieces: Hit the local flea market and pick up vintage tea cups and tea pots at a discount. Cut large blooms and display ever so elegantly on your table.

With Your Food: Tag food with whimsical signs like "eat me" and "drink me" or, write "eat me" on the cupcakes. Serve a variety of teas in mix-and-match vintage tea pots, and tea sandwiches of course! For the kids, turkey and cheese; pb & j; and cream cheese will do! For the adults, add smoked salmon and dill to the cream cheese, offer ham & brie, and even an olive tapenade.

Photo: Country Living

Seating is Everything: Don't gamble with your seating chart. Create DIY placecards using playing cards (black & red, or in girlie colors! I found these pink decks on Amazon.com for $3.49.). The box can double as placecard and favor.

Entertain them! A teapot pinata is a must for the little ones! Break out the shrinky dinks. And, if we're talking 21 and over, perhaps a Hookah??? I'm just saying. . .

With all this sugary-sweet fun, make sure not to dose off into Neverland (oops, wrong fairytale!).