Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rockin' 2nd Birthday Party by "Two Plus Us"

                                                                                                  All Photos: http://twoplus.us/

I would have totally scalped tickets to this rockin' 2nd birthday party!  Dreamed up by the dynamic (married) design duo at Two Plus Us, this fete totally hits the top of the charts.

When the ubertalented Matthew and Lori Richmond are done tucking their two boys for the night in at their swanky Brooklyn apartment, they spend their nights burning the midnight oil on their labor of love: totally insane birthday party design. You may remember the Old Hollywood inspired fete they threw for Holden's first last year (I featured it on Chandelier).

Feast your eyes on this rad set of photos from his sophmore celebration.

Two Plus Us is currently designing custom parties. Pricing upon request.

I'd say, this one totally calls for an encore!