Thursday, November 18, 2010

Save the Date Goes Viral

Now, here's a delicious idea for a save the date for the urbanite set. Lovers of "Nick and Nora's Ultimate Playlist" and "Juno" may dig this cute way to invite their guests by, otherwise known as Georg Pedersen, a creative guy with a set of friends named John and Rose who actually met in an ice cream shop. Their improbable courtship was a popular tale with their friends and family, so much so that when they were planning their wedding, they asked Georg to create some kind of illustrated version of their story. The resulting video went over so well that Georg began getting requests for videos from other couples.
Georg offers strictly video or corresponding designs for printed companion invites, thank you notes, etc.! For pricing and more info on this entertaining alternative, click here

Now, what should I have for dessert?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Chandelier Event: 5th Birthday Tailgate Bash

It being Fall, I thought that it may be fun to host a sports-oriented birthday bash this year (I mean, how many Halloween parties can I throw?!). Besides, who isn't ready for some football?! This fun take on a kid-friendly tailgate party happens to be a little shindig I threw for my very spirited little (well, now big boy).

We hosted our bash at Bounce U -- a bounce house warehouse with various locations--that offers a great birthday party package sure to keep any pre-K tike occupied. I highly recommend their parties (Tip: spring for the extra $50 for a DJ to spin some tunes--it makes the jumping more fun for the parents standing around).
To take the post-jumping pizza party up a notch, I pulled together some inexpensive, easy-to-replicate DIY details.  The invite I designed boasted a primary color palette, the numbers 05 as an ode to his year and invited guests to join us wearing their favorite jersey. of course, it was signed "hugs & high fives from his biggest fans"....

On the tables, I gathered an assortment of balls and nestled them into flats of grass perched on a football field table cloth. I had the kids drink fruit punch out of a Gatorade cooler in solo cups--doesn't get more tailgate than that. And, pizza sufficed for this bash--but if you want to enhance the cuisine, mini hot dogs, hot pretzels, french fry cones, and mini cotton candy might be just the ticket! 

The ice cream cake was dressed up with a transposed graphic I designed that matched the invite.

And, as a takeaway, we filled popcorn bags with sports-themed accouterments (babe ruths, mini trophies, whistles, cracker jacks, circus peanuts and more!). Order candy in bulk at, and find lots of these little takeaways at Party City or Oriental Trading. 

Got a kid's party to share? We take submissions to Chandelier! Email us at

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wedding We Love: Monique & Eric (Glen Cove, Long Island)

Photos by Ryan J. of Julie Newman Photography  

Facebook makes the world go round--or at least, makes it a whole lot smaller. I am sure we've all reconnected with many a'friend from our childhood through this social networking phenom. For me, that childhood friend was my very best gal pal in kindergarten (before my family's big move away). She taught me that Madonna was the new Cindy Lauper; that Stephanie from Grease 2 was a cooler pink lady than Grease's Sandy ("I want a rider that's cool...."), and I still remember eating Laughing Cow cheese at her kitchen island watching She Bop. Oh, the days.

Well, lucky for me, when we connected on Facebook, Monique was chin deep in planning her wedding. We had so much to catch up on and so much to talk about. AND, the beauty of the whole deal was that I actually got to instantly see her wedding photos when they popped up online.

Alas, why I wanted to share them with you. Not only is the purple palette divinely chic (from the Lavendar escort cards to her fab! shoes) but the amazing photography of Monique & Eric's pre-wedding jaunt in the lovely Glen Cove Long Island is simply inventive yet classic. I particularly LOVED the moments in the barber shoppe. 

PS: I heard the DJ I recommended rocked the dance floor all night--as always, Eric Visa is a sure bet!

I hope you enjoy her style as much as I enjoyed reconnecting with my childhood friend on Facebook. Here's a download on her details:

Florist - Spitz & Peck
Venue - The Metropolitan (Glen Cove, Long Island)
Hair/Makeup - Paragon Salon on Glen Cove Road
Lavender Placecards ... According to Monique she stole the idea from Martha Stewart! Found an old pic online and bought the lavender from Lavender By The Bay (they had a booth at the Farmer's Market in Union Square).