Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dreaming of a White (Edible) Christmas

This photo from a recent Domino spread served as the inspiration for the dessert buffet at a recent Chandelier Events holiday party. The pastry mega-talents at Thomas Preti Caterers took my vision and whipped up a "Snowed In" dessert winterscape beyond my wildest White Christmas dreams! Here are some of the highlights (and a few inspirations that you can pull off in your own kitchen this weekend):
  • Croquembouche Christmas Trees: Hand-made meringue and the traditional profiterole spun with caramel & sugar (see photo), this customary French Wedding Cake doubled as snowtipped trees on our display.

  • Individual Fondue: Guests were served gourmet hot dark and white chocolate sauces in their own ramekins, and selected fruits, pretzels, marshmellows, pound cake, and brownies in a gift-box display (brilliant idea from the chefs at Thomas Preti that wowed guests ... and curbed double dipping).

  • Chocolate Pudding Shots: Even Jello chocolate pudding can be dressed up by serving it in shot glasses! Top with fresh whip cream (cool whip will do in a hurry!) and top with a dust of cinnamon.

  • White Chocolate Raspberry Trifle: Serve your own spin on this layered dessert with vanilla pudding, raspberry sauce and chocolate cookie crumble in martini glasses!

** A big dose of delicious gratitude to Jessica, Jen and the amazing crew from Thomas Preti for their fabulous, fresh ideas...and top notch service.

Check back soon. More photos to come!

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