Monday, November 2, 2009

57 Grand: Uptown Flair. Downtown Sensibility.

My days of being a bridesmaid 27 times are long gone and my wallet is quite grateful. But how could I forget the closet stuffed with dresses that I swore I'd be able to wear again (yeah, right?!) Well, as I pack them to send them off to charity, I am pleased to pay it forward by letting all of you know about this new bridesmaid dress company that I so WISH was around when I was boasting a different bouquet every weekend.

57Grand ( is the stylish invention of two smartie-pants in NYC named Saukok and Carmen. They combined their style and business wit to create a collection of dresses that just debuted at last week's bridal fashion week...and each style is totally wearable post-wedding. They even show you how to take their cocktail looks from the reception to, well, after work cocktails. And, they've figured out a way to give you style without damaging your bank account--most dresses are $200 and under.

My most favorite feature? Since they're available online, they not only allow you to actually have a virtual chat with your besties within their website, but they "register" the dress(es) and accessories in a customized shopping cart where all of you can make your purchases in a seamless way (when you can squeeze in the time to do it, of course. For's generally sometime after midnight that I get to take care of any of my personal to-do's).

Also, if you want to see the sample, for $15 they'll pop one in the mail to you. No commitment necessary until you see the real deal. Now that's a wedding date I know you can deal with;).

PS: Is your closet overflowing with dusty ruffled dresses of yore, too? Donate them to Operation Prom -- one bridesmaid's 80s and 90s trash could be a CW Network-obsessed teen's treasure.

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