Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chandelier on Demand: Cookies 'N Milk Party

A Chandelier Event: Cookies 'N Milk Party

Continuing this week's Facebook-inspired party planning Q&A, tonight it's all about the little guys in your life. One year old bambinos may not yet be into Superman and Cars, but rest assured, they'll give a chuckle when Cookie Monster makes an appearance at their birthday bash. Here's some tips and ideas!

All too often, my friends and clients call me totally overwhelmed with options for kid's birthday parties. The K.I.S.S. method (keep it simple, stupid) totally applies here. Make your job easier by narrowing down your choices for food, color, characters, activities--in this case, Cookie Monster is our hero, a cookie buffet is the menu, blue is our color, and milk is our beverage of choice! Another easy idea? A Make Your Own Pizza Party where the activity is the menu! 

Clever invitations can whipped up quickly and inexpensively. For the cookie bash, you could send a recipe card or blue index card tied with a ribbon to a cookie cutter or wooden spoon. Ask friends to bring their favorite cookie recipe to the party to contribute to your family recipe stash (believe me, I bake every other day with my four year old and I wish I had a bunch of new recipes to try out). 

Kids love to color...and now sites like,, PinkyDinkyDoo.Com and all have FREE printable pictures of kids' favorite characters. Print them out, xerox them, and spread them on the table with a collection of crayons, color pencils and (ERASABLE) markers.

Many cookie mixes have peanut butter, tree nuts, walnuts, pecans--all delish, but totally dangerous with a bevy of toddlers in tow. If you plan on baking cookies with allergy-sensitive children around, seek out a special nut-free cookie mix like the ones from Cherrybrook Kitchen that are nut-free, dairy-free ...and they even have gluten-free!

Now, if only I could tell you how to not gain a pound or two while planning this party!

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