Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chuppahs We Love: Eye-candy for the Kosher-set

We've been talking a lot about chuppahs at Chandelier Events these days. Traditionally, the chuppah is the ceremonial canopy under which a Jewish couple weds.  Representing the four walls and roof of their new Jewish family home, the basic principles of a chuppah are four posts and the cover--often comprised of a ceremonial tallit (prayer shawl) or simple veil of fabric.

But chuppahs also take on new meaning at weddings as they are the often the centerpiece of the ceremony. We like to say the chuppah tells a story about what's to come at the wedding--and in the couple's married home. And it most certainly evoke emotions for the bride as she walks towards her new married life--and lifetime partner.

As such, the majority of our couples want their chuppahs to act as they are intended--while also showcasing their unique sense of style.

Our recent downtown loft-dwellers wanted a more contemporary twist on this element--so we went
sans-floral, and did a very chic chuppah of gauzy fabric and crystals. On the otherhand, our farm-wed nature-lovers envisioned lots of organic materials like grapevines and birch. And, at our upcoming nuptials of winter-wonderland romantics, we're creating a whimsical forest-like chuppah made of four trees!

So, in the season where so many Jewish couples are celebrating the sweet new year--we have selected a few of our favorite chuppah inspirations: 

Have a chuppah you love? Send them to us--and we'll post more ideas for this most-coveted wedding element. Somehow, there are never enough photos of chuppahs to browse when you're designing one for a future couple!


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