Friday, October 22, 2010

We Love Boho-Chic Venues: Spotlight on Angel Orensanz

Just this week we signed on fabulous couple throwing a November 2011 wedding at The Angel Orensanz Foundation on the Lower East Side in New York. We are beyond excited to get started--and wanted to share this special place with those of you who haven't had the pleasure or the proximity of knowing about this urban gem.

Smack in the center of the LES (lower east side) renaissance (Norfolk near Essex, Delancey, Rivington & Clinton Streets) this vestige of a time past (when my ancestors were slinging bialys on a street cart), Angel Orensanz has become THE spot for the off-the-beaten path bride. In fact, it was the VERY polar opposite alternative to my own country-club wedding (we came THIIIISSSSS close).  

For our couple, this venue had everything they wanted rolled into one: warmth, history, COLOR, and that irreplicable boho-chic vibe that represents their  vibrant view of the world. It is SO them--and we cannot wait to create their little world in which they'll walk down the aisle.

The Foundation, dedicated to an open forum for artists, writers, thinkers and the world's intellects, prides itself in maintaining the building at 172 Norfolk St., the former Ansche Chesed Synagogue (1849) (0ne of New York City's oldest) in its architectural integrity and in the tradition of the German Reform Movement of the mid 19th century.  It also happens to be the spot where SJP (Sarah Jessica, of course) tied the knot with Matthew Broderick.

For more delicious photos of this drop-dead gorgeous space, click here.

Happy Weekend! 

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