Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dinner Mints, Pistachio & Pink Champagne

We've just about wrapped up prep for this weekend's country-meets-city weekend wedding--and all the tiny details of planning two-weddings-in-one have come together. Friday night, our couple will share an intimate ceremony at an inn overlooking the vineyards of the North Fork of Long Island. Saturday, we'll make a mad dash back to the City that Never Sleeps for a raucous celebration! You bet, we'll be posting pictures of our ying-and-yang receptions. Think buttery yellows and sage green for the ceremony and farm-to-fork dinner reception, followed by luscious lipstick shades of red and shimmery gold and crystal for our night out on the town!

Needless to say, we're *busy* at Chandelier, rolling out Spring events and deep into our blockbuster Fall. But, as the calm sets in for the night, we can't help but indulge ourselves. Hey, what can I say--we can't get enough! It's like planning our own weddings, over and over again.

So, here is the first of our inspiration spotlights--brought to you, fresh-cut, in spring shades that invoke sweet auras of dinner mint pastels, pistachio greens, and delicate pink champagne. From a pink tulle Vera Wang wedding gown to long flowing blush chiffon bridesmaids (in a wedding styled by our friend Annie Lee and photographed by Caroline Tran) to this gorgeous bouquet featuring frayed-edge tulips! Just dreaming about the wedding we could create in these hues ....

Oh well, back to reality! Signing off for another whirlwind weekend... see you on the other side of the altar.

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aga said...

Oh what a sweet inspiration - delicate, romantic and yummy!