Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Thanksgiving Menu

Just finished whipping up a fabulous (and easy...ok, after all the chopping...easy) Butternut Squash & Granny Smith Apple Soup and geesh! now I know why soups win challenges on Bravo's Top Chef.

Here are the staples of my Thanksgiving meal ... add the sweet potato casserole, the pumpkin pie, and the Wyatt Pinot Noir ... and you're golden.
PS: Thanks for reading my blog! Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo, Amy

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Amy Shey Jacobs said...

Update: Recipes get an A+. A few tips:

* Butternut & Granny Smith Apple Soup: easy, easy, easy to make...but requires a lot of chopping. So make sure you've got a really good knife. And try to buy the butternut squash pre-cut. Make sure the package says 3 lbs. I bought 1.87 pounds and had to cut up another one at the last minute (only used 1/2 of another one). Sprinkle nutmeg as a garnish.

* Broccoli with bread crumble: I used Progresso Italian breadcrumbs instead of the white just as well, extra tasty. Save the leftover breadcrumbs in the fridge (remember, you used butter!) and make turkey cutlets the weekend after T-giving.

* Turkey with Sage Butter: INSANE! Absolutely delicious.