Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love on the Run: Eloping in New York City

Okay, it's not too far of a leap to say that I am a sucker for a good love story. So when my friend--and uber-talented photographer--Sarah Sloboda told me that she's been asked by tons of couples to shoot images of their elopements around town, I jumped at the opportunity to share these images with you. I've asked Sarah to share her thoughts--and favorite NYC locations for capturing a kiss on film-- below. 

Whether you're planning nuptials for 200 or 2, these City Hall fete's are just awe-inspiring. Truly love-in-motion...

**all images courtesy of  Sarah Sloboda Photography

In her own words:  

"The awesome thing about photographing two people eloping is the profound connection I get to make with my clients.  As sometimes the only witness to their nuptials, respecting the gravity of the moments of that day becomes solely my responsibility.  Capturing the archives of their history as a couple is always an honor I take very seriously - and at a small wedding with few distractions, the emotions of the day are often the most prominent feature....

....I am deeply enamored with New York City, so I love shooting everything from a busy street corner with taxis passing by, to funky downtown alleyways.  In terms of iconic locations, I recommend the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, the Flatiron Building, Central Park, and more esoterically iconic but still NYC, Crosby Street in SoHo.  I also love the view from the Top of the Rock, and would love to shoot a couple at Ellis Island and/or with the Statue of Liberty.  How fun would it be to take a ferry ride after you elope?!....

....My photography philosophy is entwined with my life philosophy - each moment is fleeting, and perhaps its significance will only truly be known with reflection.  I obsessively try to be alert to the significance I am witnessing in the moment and do my best to record its essence for the split second it exists.  It's never perfect - and neither are our memories, so I hope my work keeps it real."

I mean, Sarah's right.  Thanks for keeping it real, Sarah. Really romantic.

PS: Sarah does full-on weddings and amazing photography of children, too. You can read the stories behind these lovely images and check out more of her photography at www.slobodaweddings.blogspot.com.

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