Saturday, January 30, 2010

Videography? Yes! Yes! Yes!

I cannot tell you how many times I talk to a bride who is apprehensive of budgeting for a wedding video. I mean, is there really ever a reason NOT to capture this most important, intimate day on film?

Perhaps it's the cheesy wedding videography of yore that puts people off. Or, the idea of a camera and blazing light in peoples faces mid-ceremony or on the dance floor. Or, those (dare I say it) on-camera interviews when guests inevitably say something embarrassing about you after they've had one too many signature cocktails?

Well, I am one wedding planner who puts videography at the very top of the priority list. There are so many talented event cinemaphotographers (like Janice Robinson-Celeste of Celeste Studios & Film Productions, Michael Eller of Monachetti and Anna Davis of Open Eye Documentary) who take a beautiful, beyond-TV quality approach to ever-immortalizing your special day. Teensy weensy cameras can catch a close-up shot from a far corner of the room and HD technology can create an ethereal ambiance that the still image simply cannot. With cool features and creative editing--not to mention indie song pics (in lieu of the traditional Kenny Rogers "Through the Years" standard)-- this is NOT your mother's videography.

Allow me to share a sampling of my favorite wedding videos--these are just two of a handful that I've bookmarked for inspiration.

By Celeste Studios:

By Monachetti

So, go ahead, commit to a wedding video. It really is "must-see TV".

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Bill said...

It was so nice to see a post like this.
Michael's work is the perfect illustration of the power and significance of wedding films.
thanks for posting.
william gaff