Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finding your Solemate

                                                                                                                                                             Photo: Amy Shey Jacobs/Chandelier Events

Now here's a DIY idea that can work at almost any summer party or beachside soiree (ahem, destination weddings coming up this winter...):

A recent "Chandelier Event" we planned had all the makings of a perfect summer setting: an expansive, meticulously landscaped lawn; a gorgeous pool with room for an illuminated bar; and, well, perfect summer weather.

But our client confessed that the grassy knoll (as beautiful as it was) was cause of concern when it came to the safety of her friends' party shoes. So, we created a flip flop station featuring Havaianas in shades of gold, silver, bronze and summer white -- each tied with a trim of raffia. And for those attendees who preferred to keep their heels on, we supplied these nifty little inventions ("protective high heel caps") called Solemates. To dress it up, we took them out of their packaging and placed them in a hurricane vase (a touch that did not go un-noticed). 

Of course, not everyone can afford to gift their guests Havaianas--but these days, flip flops are on clearance at Old Navy, J. Crew, and lots of places online.

Here's to pampered feet... 

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