Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Bendel's Bridal Shower

So, you may not be splurging at Henri Bendel on an average Saturday these days (thank you Wall St), but don't fret: this famed swank shopping spot on New York's Fifth Avenue doubles as the perfect spot for a bridesmaids lunch or bridal shower.
Take your closest ladies to the counter at Memoire Liquide's Bespoke Perfumery where they can mix-and-match over 150 fragrance oils and create their own signature scent for your wedding day (can you say, bridesmaid gift?!). Maybe sample a make-up artist or two while on site. Then, head to The Chocolate Bar for downright divine snacks (they serve a full menu of sandwiches, drinks--and of course, chocolates!).
Who says you can't indulge? At least for one day, right?

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Dakoota said...

The Bar is looks like a Rest Room, but the most attractive part is the interior and the bar lighting décor. Mostly Bars have dark décor but it has a glowing one:).
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