Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fresh Find: Vintage-Inspired Cupcake Liners

So you've decided to whip up your own cupcakes this year -- hey, we all need to do a little D.I.Y. these days. Well, no need to sacrifice style in a recession! Inexpensively sweeten-up your homemade cupcakes with decorative cupcake liners, like these precious pink and brown flower cupcake liners from Layer Cake Shop.

For just $5.25, you'll receive a pack of 50 Pink and Brown Sweet Flower Cupcake Liners. These are standard size with a 2" diameter bottom. Check out their selection of cute cupcake toppers and sprinkles, too!

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Vintage Farmer gluten free said...

I love the cupcake liner looked on Etsy and she is all sold out. I make Gluten free products and our Name is Vintage Farmer so those would've been perfect for the event I am doing to introduce our muffins. Glad I saw them on your blogg will keep track now to see when she will have more.