Sunday, January 4, 2009

The New "Polaroid" Guestbook

Urban Outfitters is a haven for quirky event ideas--and I knew I stumbled on something supercool when I found Fuji's new instax photo system that instantly prints beautiful credit card-size color photos in minutes - sharp and clear on Fuji instax film! Instead of the bulky, old- fashioned polaroid (did I hear a rumor they're discontinued anyway?), sit this baby on a table in the reception for your guests to shoot themselves and place in your guestbook like a Kolo album.

Or, buy them as bridesmaids or groomsmen gifts--and have them shoot the festivites from their P.O.V. Plus, it's cool enough to take with you on your destination wedding jaunt or honeymoon where you can create an instant photo album with pics from the adventures each day.

Lightweight and compact, the stylish instax mini 7 camera goes anywhere. Operation is easy - simply check the LED exposure indicator and press the shutter,Auto focus; auto flash; built-in lens cover; instructions included. * 5"w, 5"h, 2.5"d*, 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

$130 at

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Lisa's Handmade Boutique said...

I offer handmade Polaroid guest books and FujiFilm Instax guest books each with 100 pages and room for 50 photos each. Design it yourself with over 300 fabrics to choose from. Mix and match fabrics to match your wedding colors.