Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fresh Find: Vintage-Inspired Cupcake Liners

So you've decided to whip up your own cupcakes this year -- hey, we all need to do a little D.I.Y. these days. Well, no need to sacrifice style in a recession! Inexpensively sweeten-up your homemade cupcakes with decorative cupcake liners, like these precious pink and brown flower cupcake liners from Layer Cake Shop.

For just $5.25, you'll receive a pack of 50 Pink and Brown Sweet Flower Cupcake Liners. These are standard size with a 2" diameter bottom. Check out their selection of cute cupcake toppers and sprinkles, too!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Bendel's Bridal Shower

So, you may not be splurging at Henri Bendel on an average Saturday these days (thank you Wall St), but don't fret: this famed swank shopping spot on New York's Fifth Avenue doubles as the perfect spot for a bridesmaids lunch or bridal shower.
Take your closest ladies to the counter at Memoire Liquide's Bespoke Perfumery where they can mix-and-match over 150 fragrance oils and create their own signature scent for your wedding day (can you say, bridesmaid gift?!). Maybe sample a make-up artist or two while on site. Then, head to The Chocolate Bar for downright divine snacks (they serve a full menu of sandwiches, drinks--and of course, chocolates!).
Who says you can't indulge? At least for one day, right?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The New "Polaroid" Guestbook

Urban Outfitters is a haven for quirky event ideas--and I knew I stumbled on something supercool when I found Fuji's new instax photo system that instantly prints beautiful credit card-size color photos in minutes - sharp and clear on Fuji instax film! Instead of the bulky, old- fashioned polaroid (did I hear a rumor they're discontinued anyway?), sit this baby on a table in the reception for your guests to shoot themselves and place in your guestbook like a Kolo album.

Or, buy them as bridesmaids or groomsmen gifts--and have them shoot the festivites from their P.O.V. Plus, it's cool enough to take with you on your destination wedding jaunt or honeymoon where you can create an instant photo album with pics from the adventures each day.

Lightweight and compact, the stylish instax mini 7 camera goes anywhere. Operation is easy - simply check the LED exposure indicator and press the shutter,Auto focus; auto flash; built-in lens cover; instructions included. * 5"w, 5"h, 2.5"d*, 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

$130 at

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Take a Seat

Lounges at receptions have been around for a while now, so I've been a bit bored by the typical white furniture. That's why I was so excited to see that prop rental companies like Taylor Creative in New York have expanded their options. Check out their Windsor Collection (in photo): this super elegant tufted banquette is covered in a plush white synthetic suede. This seating collection is delivered in 2 parts: one piece is 8' long, the other 10' long and them mitor together in the corner. Seats 8 people.

TIP: Check with your reception site about building restrictions, extra load-in fees, insurance, and elevator policies--and don't forget to measure the dimension of elevators and hallways. If you're working with a planner, these should be on their list already so don't fret!